Shree Shantadurga Engineering Solutions


Self Service Kiosk for Temple Receipt / Pavti Printing Machine

The Kiosk is a touch screen kiosk that enhances any temple with a modern look with interactive, secured and transparent transaction with Temple management.

  1. Simplest to use
    a. Insert Money – It detects single and multiple all INR notes 
    b. Select Options – All Pavti options available from our Current Pavti
    c. Type Name – Type your name
         d. Click Print – for printing pavti  (does nor require cartridge/ ink) Just add paper rolls

3. Very low running cost

4. Reports can be generated quickly


Interactive Touch Screen
(with multi touch like mobile)
Detects True Currency all Notes 
(does not accept fake notes)
Quick printed receipt 
(format as per temple requirement)
Enclosure – High Quality Steel
(18 Gauge with metallic paint)